This is the story of how Wiltshire Gifts came about.

Our Family

Wiltshire gifts is a family business. Duncan is the Web designer and he oversees everything. Carrie is in charge of media posts and writing. Our 3 junior designers help with ads and photography projects.

The Concept

As a family, we have been trying to shop local as much as possible and as this year started and the global pandemic hit, we watched as many local Wiltshire businesses struggled to compete in a worldwide or even a UK wide scale. 

We wanted to help and quickly realised 3 things, firstly we realised buying local online is harder than you would think. Secondly, local independent businesses were suddenly competing with the world and their sites could be hard to find. Lastly, we realised a simple solution.

So the concept of a shop local marketplace was born. 

We envisioned a marketplace purely for Wiltshire Businesses.

A shop local marketplace where you can buy gifts or items for yourself, friends and families locally. It was important that our customer know what they are getting is from a real local Wiltshire business.

This truly has been a full family effort, for instance, not only have our children enjoyed helping with designs, similarly, the writing has had input from the rest of the family as well including our parents in places.

So we thank you for supporting us and we hope our marketplace will make shopping local online easier for customers and above all else, we hope it helps our Wiltshire independent businesses keep their doors open. So whatever happens in this ever-changing world our market place will help you keep our local economy turning and growing.

Duncan and Carrie