Celebrating World Art Day 2022

Every April 15th, World Art Day helps reinforce the connections between artistic creations and society, encourages a greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlights the impact of artists on sustainable development. World Art Day is the perfect time to reflect on the role of art in society. More than just a celebration, … Continued

Enjoy the Christmas Season

The Christmas Holidays are soon approaching and being a family business we know how hard it can be to find things to keep the children occupied at the best of times let alone when they are excited for the festivities to come. We have collected together some of our family favourite makes and bakes to … Continued

Being your own boss with an invisible illness!

At MyLocal Gifts, we are passionate about helping small businesses thrive, for some the thought of running their own business may seem out of reach. That’s why for World Mental Health day we wanted to highlight the tools you can use to succeed in running your own business with a mental health problem. This is … Continued

What’s New?

Platform Updates This week we have released an update to the marketplace platform which has added some requested features. Update Product Links You can now edit your product links from the edit product pages of the vendor dashboard. Select the product you would like to edit, then click “Edit” next to the product URL and … Continued

Make your Product Profiles work for you

This post is going to help you make your product profiles work better for you to sell your products. To do this we are going to be looking at all of the features in our product profile within your Wiltshire Gifts Dashboard. Creating your basic Product profiles Making your product profiles work for you is … Continued

Setting up your shop with us.

Congratulations on being accepted to Wiltshire Gifts. Now you are ready to set your shop up here are a few tips on how to do so.We have a video on setting up your shop which can be found here. Other help: Should you wish further help we have the following optionsFor our accepted vendors we … Continued

Turning a Hobby into a business with Wiltshire Gifts.

Do you have a hobby you would like to turn into a business? Well with Wiltshire Gift’s It couldn’t be easier. You could start you business with 3 simple steps. Step One: Pictures Taking Pictures of the items you make, design or wish to sell doesn’t need expensive cameras or a fancy studio. No Studio? … Continued