Congratulations on being accepted to Wiltshire Gifts. Now you are ready to set your shop up here are a few tips on how to do so.
We have a video on setting up your shop which can be found here.

Other help:

Should you wish further help we have the following options
For our accepted vendors we have a Facebook support group available here. (Please ensure you answer all the questions to be accepted).
Otherwise Email us here

Getting Started:

Here you will find yourself on our welcome page. To access your Vendor dashboard simply hit the big purple button.

Welcome page for the Vendor Dashboard

From here you can start setting up your shop profile.

Dashboard Overview:

This is your shops dashboard. here you will find an overview of your shop. remember the more you boost your shop on your social media the better all you and all your fellow vendors will do and the quicker the Marketplace will grow.

Obviously if you are just setting your shop up this will be empty. To start setting up your shop you will want to head to the settings menu.

finding settings

Shop settings:

Here is where you set up you shop. This includes everything found on your shop profile.

Your header & Profile pictures:

The first step is to add a Banner and profile picture to your store. A banner will need to be 625×300 pixels and your profile 150×150.

Address & Contact information:

Once finished with uploading your photos you can follow the form down to the address information. Fill out as required, Information put here will be visible to all visitors to your store or the store list.
If trading from a private address you can just use the map to mark town.
You must mark the location on this map to be visible on the map search feature of the site.
Please ensure any information filled in is correct.

Your terms and conditions:

If required this allows you to have your terms and conditions visible on your shop profile.

Opening hours:

Last option is for if you would like your store opening times visible on your shop’s profile page.
When this is selected you will have the options appear. These options allow you to choose open or closed times.
Choose a status and times for each day, so customers can easily see the days and times you are open. This is especially useful if you have a physical shop your patrons may wish to visit.

Holiday Closures:

The two options available help you manage going away or taking time off easily. The first is an instant closure for emergencies or short closures.
The second is a planned holidays in advance. With this option you can easily pre-set holiday periods. It also allows you to personalise the message visible while you’re away.

Biography & Support Button

The Last two parts of your main store profile are your biography and support button.
Your biography is where you can let your customers know a little about yourself and your store.
The enable support option allows you to edit the text visible on your Shop’s support button.

This one tab is what makes your Shop Profile.

It is vital you fill this tab along with the Payment & shipping before you add products.

the end result will be your finished shop profile where all your items will be displayed.

Payment set up:

You are now ready to set up your payment, after all you want to be able to be paid ?.
To do this, head to your Payment tab and then hit the Connect with Stripe button.

We use stripe to handle the payment side of things so you can rest assured that you and your customers are getting the highest security when it comes to money processing.

Once the Stripe form loads it will look like the below image. If you already have a stripe account simply sign in on the top right hand corner. If you are new to stripe please fill out the form that appears (pictured below).

Stripe sign up application screen

Once completed, you will be returned to our payment page. You should notice instead of connect stripe on the button you will have disconnect stripe button.

If you would like to know more about Stripe, it is trusted by many big brands and banks. Examples are Amazon, Google Monzo bank Spotify and Deliveroo.
It is an Online payment infrastructure which we use to fully manage all money transactions on our market places.

All steps to this point and at least 1 product should be added within 2 weeks of your acceptance. All expectations can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


This is an optional step. You do not have to verify yourself or your business.
Verification is necessary to fully run your shop

Benefits of Verification:

Once verified you will be able to post your items directly. This means without waiting post verification from a member of our team. Your products will post instantly.

Verification screen
To be verified there are four simple steps.

Step One:

Proof of identity:
Via providing a copy of a Photo ID*.
ID is only used to prove you are a real person and over the age of 18.
We aim to do this within 24 hours of being received for Photo ID’s if you are using it to verify your address please ensure both sections are filled out at the same time

Step two:

Phone verification is simple.

put you mobile number in and await a text with a verification code then simply put that into the require box. Our verification is similar to many others so hopefully you will find it a familiar process.

Step three:

Proof of address is done one of two ways.

1. The address is the registered business address. It is visible on your social media accounts or the registered address visible on Companies house.

2. For those who work from home, Address it needs to match the address on your Photo ID and both be submitted at the same time as the ID. If your only Photo ID doesn’t have an address on please supply a copy of a recent bill (we only need the top with your name and address and the business header you may black out any other information as you see fit*) If your only ID is something other than the listed items please contact us we won’t hold not having a passport or driving licence against you.

*We do not store copies of anything submitted for Validation. Once they have been checked and verified they are permanently deleted.

Step four:

Linking your social media, this is helps us know you are the business you claim to be.  It also proves ownership to the social media accounts used to accept you.

Setting up postage:

Shipping tab home screen
Shipping Tables:

You will start with two basic options of domestic and international. You can edit and use these headings or delete and create new.

To edit, click on the name in blue, it will open the table options window.
If you require more tables, start your own by clicking on the grey add shipping table button.

Your shipping tables are how our system adds delivery to your customers orders, our system will approach them in order.

Shipping Table pop up view

Editing a table:

Once the table options window opens you have the table name you can customise this to suit your needs.

Setting up your tables:

1. Table region: here you can search for the UK, you can limit this further with the limit to specific ZIP/Postcodes option in blue under the table region box and then easily put in the first 3/4 characters of the postcodes followed by a * eg. BA12* in the area you cover. Each postcode needs to be on its own line in a list form.

2. Use Table: you can turn the option on and off via this option. switch this to “No” and this option won’t be offered at checkout for your customers.

3. Handling fee: this can be used either to cover packaging costs or to offer set postage easily.

4. Calculation Method: This option is how it works out how to charge your customers within the tables below. there are 3 options.

Calculation options Explained

1. Total weight – By weight you can add multiple weight options each with their own charge for instance, a total weight above 0kg at one cost, a total weight equal to 5kg or above at another cost and a total weight of 10kg or above at another cost.
2. Total items – Total items allows you to set a charge depending on how many of your items they buy for instance for 0+ items charges at one cost, 5+ at an other and so on.
3. Cart subtotal – here you can set postage based on the cost so if you have items of set sizes at different prices you can do it based on the different cost bands for instance a set of similar items all costing £10 at one cost, items similar all costing 25 at an other price and so on.
Items that fall between these price ranges will be given the lower amounts shipping rate. As an Example an item of £20 will be charged at the costs for the £10 shipping cost.

Social Profiles

This couldn’t be easier simply click the social profiles tab and add in the links to your appropriate media pages.

please be aware as you will know from having read our T&C’s we do Not allow the links to your own personal pages or other marketplaces so please only connect the appropriate Media pages.

We do monitor these links and any found to be breaking these terms will be removed and could result in termination of your account.

Social media profiles


Congratulations your store is now fully functioning!! The only thing left to do is to start adding your products.

First we need to head to the products tab. To do this you will need to come out of settings.

Products main page

Once your Product tab opens up next you have two options you can either add the products via the add new product tab or by simply importing* them if you already have the files required to do so.

*if you are taking this option please take the time to go through each product to ensure you haven’t missed links to your other market places and swap these to your MyLocal.Gifts market place product profiles or remove them.

Once hitting add new product you will get this box

In the Small pop up add new product box fill in product name, price, add a picture and select a category. Then enter a short description of item, this will show under the product name on the profile as seen in the finished Product profile below.

Secret Garden product profile taken from Wiltshire Gifts.

To continue to complete your product profile click create product (if you are Validated it is very important you pick this option otherwise you will have an item added live without a full profile)

This will now bring up a full profile where you can add the full description, sort stock control and much more. Make sure you work your way through this carefully being aware of any spelling mistakes.

Once you have completed your Product profile your item will either directly post or we will be notified that it is awaiting validation. Now you can slowly add your items and await orders.


You now have your account fully set up you now can familiarise yourself with the other sections of your Vendor dashboard and await the orders to come in.

Remember being part of Wiltshire gifts means you are part of a community of local businesses.

So please share you shop retweet, share and like our messages the quicker we become know the better you and all of your fellow independents all do.

Order overview from here you can quickly see what orders you have and their status and go into them for further management options

You are now fully set up and part of your local Marketplace!

Congratulations and from our small business to yours we wish you all the best with your venture.

I would like to stress again by joining one of our marketplaces you are joining a community the more the members of that community promote their Marketplace the more custom they will all receive, the more our Vendors make the more we have to promote the marketplaces and again the more sales and new vendors we will get.

So please share your local marketplace and spread the word to customers and other vendors alike.

We look Forward to working with every Vendor we have and don’t forget to watch out for the free showcasing opportunities that come with joining us to help give your new Marketplace shop a boost and reach some potential customers.

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