Do you have a hobby you would like to turn into a business? Well with Wiltshire Gift’s It couldn’t be easier. You could start you business with 3 simple steps.

Step One: Pictures

Taking Pictures of the items you make, design or wish to sell doesn’t need expensive cameras or a fancy studio.
No Studio? No Problem with our top tips.
Just a mobile camera and a few household items you can still make your items stand out.

Tips on those perfect shots:

Show Items in use in different places for different events or celebrations, reduce the light to create more relaxing atmospheres, while ensuring your item is clearly seen.
  1. Remember Most of the time, it is a picture that sells a product first. So spend a little time planning and taking these. Most customers make up their mind on on item within the first few seconds. With this in mind try to make yourself a “display” in good lighting to get the best results.
  2. Show your items in use, help people imagine them in their lives. This could be done by showing your item somewhere it maybe found in a home. For example you could sell soap on the side of a full bath with a few bubbles.
  3. A Painting could be hanging on your wall or stood on a shelf with your favourite items next to it.
  4. Remember there is always the great outside. Mother nature often offers great opportunities, you don’t need to be a photographer to get great shots.
  5. You could use a bare wall, a small table covered with a cloth or even your floor to display items.
  6. Maybe spoil yourself with some fresh flowers in your favourite vase to stage an item.
  7. Ensure you take a few different shots to add to profiles, this increases your chance of a sale.
Photo Compliments of Flutterby Flower Faries.

Step two: Branding!

Obviously the biggest part of this is choosing a name. Choose a name that reflects you or what you do.

This could be your name, initials or something that reflects your personality or your products.

So you have a name now what?

Explore online for free logo and banner makers to help create your virtual shop. Adding these make a big difference to customers who come to us for your shop and products.
An easy option for this would be Canva who offers a free account option. below are a few examples.

Our size requirements:

Profile pictures/ logo: 150X150 Pixels

Banner: 600 X 300 Pixels

Step three: Open an account with us!

Opening an account couldn’t be easier simply click here to register. Remember to keep your password safe, we highly recommend Lastpass for Safe and secure password management on all devices.

If you are starting up please let us know in the comments box during the registration process. To speed up your application don’t forget to state you are starting up with us.

We individually access every vendor to Wiltshire Gifts. This ensures we only have Wiltshire businesses setting up shops on our marketplace. This does mean that registration completion isn’t instant so while you are waiting why not make yourself an online presence.

Social Media

A Great social media presence really helps boost an online business.
So find yourself some time to ensure your business has some form of social presence.

Make use of Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Pinterest for boosting your brand awareness.
They are all great for getting word out that you exist and what you offer.

Also don’t be afraid to ask for your friends help you. They don’t need to spend money to support your new business. Ensure they know that in sharing posts of your business is all the support you need. After all a share on social media for a small business from a friend will help expand your reach.

Here is to a new business for 2021.

So now you know a few of the secrets to success why not dive in and make 2021 your year.

For help setting up you shop check out our blog here. We will be slowly adding more posts with tips on managing your account and making your business a success.

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